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Top Three Talents:

A Powerful Persuader - The ability to convince others of a direction, activity or idea, and influence decision-making.

Excellent at understanding peoples' motivations and feelings, and knowing how to motivate others to change.
Extraordinary at swaying the thinking and behavior of individuals who initially disagree.

A Marvelous Manager -  The ability to take charge of a group and motivate group members toward common goals.

Excellent at understanding how to motivate people, ensuring others' alignment behind a vision, and providing feedback.

Extraordinary at building a positive team spirit and collaborating to reach goals.
Extraordinary at motivating and inspiring others to attain goals, expressing opinions, and exercising authority.
Good at building mutual trust, and coaching and mentoring others.

A Diversity Champion - The ability to understand others' perspectives and deal effectively with different types of people.

Excellent at knowing what to say to make people feel included, welcome, and accepted.

Exceptional at adapting to a wide range of people and being open to different attitudes, values, and personalities.
Able to be respectful, sensitive, and make others feel comfortable and appreciated.




Work Style

A brief description of my work traits:

Good at analyzing and answering complex problems.
Excellent at navigating the most difficult interpersonal situations and understanding subtle social cues.
Focused on practical and tangible pursuits.
Receptive, adaptive, flexible, unconventional, and reflective.
Outgoing, sociable, excited, and expressive.
Influential, dominant, persuasive, authoritative, and self-confident.

Professionally, I am:

Well suited to positions that benefit from analyzing information to choose the best solution.
Exceptionally well suited to positions that require identifying and understanding the motivations and feelings of others.
Exceptionally well suited to positions that measure success on the volume of work completed.
Well suited to work that is not particularly stressful or rushed.
Exceptionally well suited to positions where accomplishing tasks does not involve ample criticism.
Exceptionally well suited to roles with clearly defined objectives and that require very specialized subject knowledge.
Exceptionally well suited to organizations and positions that are growing, changing quickly, and have varying tasks and projects.
Exceptionally well suited to positions that require frequent social interaction and meeting new people.
Exceptionally well suited to positions that benefit from a strong preference and ability to take the lead on tasks and projects.

At work, I:

Am very capable of learning and using reason to overcome difficult obstacles.
Am exceptionally capable of identifying effective interpersonal strategies, and know the right thing to say to resolve disagreements.
Appreciate foreseeable and predictable challenges.
Greatly prefer focusing on practical and tangible pursuits.
Delight in a wide variety of new and different experiences.
Delight in interacting with many people and working with large teams.
Enjoy opportunities to express your opinions, give instructions, and welcome attention.

I would be happiest in positions where I can:

Encounter and solve complicated problems.
Accomplish objectives by using the ability to observe subtle social cues as well as my strong understanding of the motivations and feelings of others.
Have well-defined objectives that are accomplished using specialized subject knowledge.
Have to change and adapt tasks and projects on a daily basis - common in fast-growing, changing, or new businesses.
Have frequent and ongoing social interactions with different people, colleagues, prospects, or clients.
Take the lead on tasks and projects.

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