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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Myers-Briggs T​ype Indicator


Myers-Briggs T​ype Indicator





ESTPs are energetic, active problem solvers who respond creatively to challenging situations in their environment. 

They seldom let rules or standard procedures interfere, finding new ways to use existing systems. ESTPs develop easy ways to do difficult things and make their work fun. They are flexible, adaptable, inventive, and resourceful, can pull conflicting factions together, and are good team members.

They are popular companions for activities (parties, sports, or work) because of their zest for life and their enjoyment of the moment.

Characteristics of ESTPs

ESTPs are interested in everything going on around them—activities, food, clothes, people, the outdoors, and anything that offers new experiences. 

Because they learn more from doing than from studying or reading, they tend to plunge into things, learning as they go, trusting their ability to respond resourcefully.


ESTPs are likely to be


Practical and realistic

Active, involved in immediate experiences

ESTPs make decisions using logical analysis and reasoning and can be tough when the situation calls for it. They usually are

Analytical, rational problem solvers

Straightforward and assertive

ESTPs are expert at seeing the needs of the moment and reacting quickly to meet them. They generally prefer to deal flexibly with what is happening at the moment and not dwell on potential future possibilities. They good-naturedly take things as they are and seek satisfying solutions rather than impose a “should” or “must” of their own.


How Others May See Them

ESTPs love life and immerse themselves in it. 

Others respond to their enthusiasm and good humor. ESTPs are people of action. They usually dislike and avoid theory and written directions. They may have difficulty with traditional schooling, although they do well when they see the relevance of what they are learning and are allowed to experiment. 


Others usually see ESTPs as

Gregarious, fun loving, and spontaneous

Adventurous risk takers

Pragmatic troubleshooters

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