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Game Changer Index

Top 3 Proclivities:

The Game-Changer - Transforming the Future

The Implementer - Builds the Future

The Play maker - Orchestrates the Future



Overall your profile suggests that you will have energy for engaging and leading others (Play Maker) with new ideas and possibilities. The pragmatism (Implementer) in your profile also suggests an entrepreneurial approach.

Your Implementer profile suggests that you may be quite task-focused and 'hands on' in your approach at times. If so, you may want to question how well you use your time and, more specifically, how well you delegate.

If there is a challenge of 'letting go' and delegating effectively then you will need to explore how, practically, you can do this.


Implementers are often at their best drawing upon their experience, when they have faced similar problems and challenges before and have learned from these experiences.

However, your Game Changer profile suggests that you don't like to sett le for the 'tried and tested', that you will be open to new ideas and possibilities in a way that means you will 'see' the potential to 'do things differently' in a range of settings.


When you do have ideas, as no doubt you will, the challenge then will be to engage and influence others. When you are 'on familiar territory' others are likely to listen to arguments grounded in operational

experience. However, your lower score for Strategist suggests that you may have colleagues who will more readily see your ideas within a broader, strategic context.

Your profile suggests that you are comfortable with change, indeed, that you may need the stimulation that comes with the challenge of change. Given this, you may need to be mindful, at times, that others will be more anxious and resistant about change and, therefore, work at engaging 'hearts' as well as minds.


By definition, Implementers get things done. They are outcome focused and, at their best, will resist being a 'slave to process'. Moreover, your lower score for Polisher suggests that you will have less energy for tinkering with and fi ne-tuning. You will have a strong sense of 'good enough' and a drive to move on to the next objective.

This action-focused nature will mean that, at times, you become frustrated with over analysis and debate. Especially so when the direction is clear to you.


You are most likely to thrive in organizations that value innovation and creativity. Consistent with this you

are likely to be at your best in 'safe to fail cultures' that encourage experimentation in the process in innovation and creativity.

The ideal environment would be one that effectively manages a balance between the pressure to deliver short to medium term goals, 'business as usual', with the need to make 'space' to create a game changing future.

Your profile also suggests that you have the capability to help others convert strategy into tangible, operational objectives. At your best you may be able to see how plans and strategies can 'work in action'.

Others may also look to you to see how operational problems can be overcome in the pursuit of strategic goals. This is a valuable capability in any organization.


Your profile suggests that you will be at your best when it comes to inventive and practical problem solving.

Those Strategists around you will bring context to action, helping you to shape the 'bigger picture' that will define the priorities for action.

Those Polishers around you will have more energy and inclination for taking the products of your inventiveness and perfecting them as procedures and processes.

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