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Kyle Killing
Sales Manager at Christie Digital Systems

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Mark in both his Technical Support, and Marketing Coordinator roles while at Christie Digital Systems. Mark has always been an exceptionally capable and dependable team member, regardless of job function. He always takes a proactive approach in further developing his skillset, whether it's by way of pursuing accreditations and extended learning, or his willingness to lend support beyond his job description. Mark has a strong technical comprehension and extensive knowledge of products and practices pursuant to Pro AV, Cinema, Event Coordination, and Inventory Management. I've always considered Mark to be a close friend and trusted colleague. I have great confidence in his ability to take on new challenges and excel in whatever field he pursues.
All the best in your future endeavors Mark!

September 14, 2016, Kyle worked directly with Mark at Christie Digital Systems

Tammy Seldon, MBA, CAE, CMP
Executive Director, GSCA


Mark is a fantastic person to work with. He is technically detailed and able to swiftly handle multiple priorities and complex issues calmly and to the client's needs and satisfaction. He remains focused and calm under pressure and is able to translate intricate technical issues into a way laymen can understand. I have worked with many technical folks over the years, and Mark is by far one of the very best. 

July 13, 2016, Tammy worked with Mark at Giant Screen Cinema Associations


Julie Vaishnav
Manager, Digital Marketing at Christie Digital Systems


I had the pleasure of working with Mark while he was a member of the Experiential Marketing team at Christie. I will most remember that Mark always had a smile on his face. His very positive outlook is a great asset, and he communicates well with people at all levels and across departments. I think Mark would be a valuable contributor in any marketing organization. 

October 1, 2016, Julie worked with Mark at Christie Digital Systems

Brett Thierbach
LED Manager/Tech for Nationwide wholesale video


I have worked with Mark on InfoComm over the past three or four years now. Every year Mark has been professional and focused on the common goal of putting on a great show. He is always knowledgeable and very helpful in achieving that goal. Mark is also quick to put a smile on your face when you need it the most, we all know that is sometimes hard to do when you're doing trade shows. Mark's presence will be missed but will be a great asset to your next event if you are lucky enough to get him.

September 20, 2016, Brett was with another company when working with Mark at Christie Digital Systems

Curtis Lingard
Product Manager at Christie Digital Systems

I had the pleasure of hiring Mark onto my team as a Technical Support Technologist in June 2011 while I was managing Christie’s Technical Call Center. During his interview, Mark demonstrated genuine interest in developing his professional skills and a drive to prove his technical capabilities. His excitement, integrity and passion shined through and made him a clear choice for the role. 
I was not disappointed in my decision. In his work, Mark demonstrated broad technical knowledge, adept learning skills, advanced problem solving, and thoroughness in all his work. Beyond functional requirements, Mark showed genuine care for our customers and a strong desire to help them. His optimistic attitude and cheerful personality bolstered the rest of the team and brought a positive balance to the work environment. He would never back down from a challenge or shy away from taking on additional responsibility. When he took on a task I didn’t doubt for a moment that it would be done well and on time without the need for supervision. Mark was a valued member of the team and stood tall amongst his peers. 

August 11, 2016, Curtis managed Mark at Christie Digital Systems

Georgina Ryan
Customer Service at Christie Digital Systems

 I am writing to recommend Mark Razo. I had the pleasure of working directly with Mark during his time with Christie Digital Systems both in a technical support and marketing capacity. His tremendous abilities, work ethic and dedication never ceased to amaze me. I am in customer service and we worked together closely while he was in both departments, so I fully understand his capabilities.

Mark’s ability to continuously take classes outside of work and additional research on company products, allowed him to be ahead of the game and answer questions effectively while solving customer issues quickly in tech support and while at trade shows while in marketing. Through his position in technical support, he was able to also work directly with sales as well as customer service which provided a great foundation of the company needs, married with his education, for his transition to marketing. His fantastic ability to really know products and patience allowed him to provide exceptional assistance to all customers who were experiencing technical difficulties or design changes. When customer service would be transferred a customer call by Mark from technical support, they were always happy and more understanding of what the next steps would be and pleased knowing their technical issues were resolved. He also showed tremendous aptitude and comfort with people which really helped with both internal and external customers as well as out in the field with trade shows for marketing. I was always very impressed when I would see Mark at a trade show as he connected with people easily. His flexibility also allows him to quickly switch gears if the customer changes their mind about something at the last minute or to find a great solution should a complication arise during an installation of product. Mark really connects with customers and there are still customers that ask for him even after he has left technical support and know they will as for him in marketing as well.


Mark is also able to work effectively and collaborate with other co-workers, making him a great addition to any team. I have had the pleasure to see Mark grow professionally through his continuing courses both inside and outside of work, making him a very knowledgeable person, always willing to go that extra step and to give that much more for the good of the customer and company.


With his adaptability, attention to detail, integrity, and yes can attitude, Mark is a great addition to any company. I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased if you hire him.

September 1, 2016,  Georgina worked with Mark at Christie Digital Systems


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